Monthly Archives: May 2006

Everyone Wants Comfort, but Will They Pay for It?

The Middle Seat travel column by Scott McCartney at the Wall Street Journal has been discussing Boeing’s plans to outfit their new 787 in either 8 or 9-across coach seating. Naturally, the 8-across seating gives each passenger more room, while … Read More

HealthSouth Latest to Feel Pricing Pinch

If there are any CFOs out there who don’t care about pricing, HealthSouth is another example of a major company whose results are very sensitive to pricing. Yes, they need to fix substantial operational issues, but they can probably figure … Read More

Follow-up on Dell Pricing

Following our earlier post on the impact of pricing pressure on Dell, an alert reader sent in this comparison yesterday: Dell Inspiron E1405:14.1″ screen (1280×800)Core Duo 1.831 GB RAM (can’t get 512)80 GB HDTotal cost: $1540 MacBook:13.3″ screen (1280×800)Core Duo … Read More

An Intriguing Idea from… the Post Office?

An alert reader sent me this timely article from the Washington Post on the “forever stamp.” The idea is that the stamp is always worth whatever the first class postage rate costs. Apparently, that’s now 39 cents, which is bad … Read More

Dude, Your Dell Is Going to Be Cheap!

Traders punished Dell stock this week after the Texas computer giant announced that a tough pricing environment would impact earnings. Dell does need to restablish its reputation in the consumer and small business markets, where its once sterling reputation for … Read More

Just returned from PPS conference

The Professional Pricing Society Spring Conference in San Francisco was last week. About 450 pricing people were there. I’ve never been to a Star Trek convention, but I’d guess they’re similar in their aggregation of people who care passionately about … Read More