Monthly Archives: March 2012

What’s Better: A Ferrari or a Honda Odyssey?

Everyone “knows” the Ferrari is better, right? What if you need to transport more than 2 people? What if you have kids? What if your neighborhood has enormous potholes? What if your knees aren’t good enough to get in and … Read More

How to Handle Price Objections

In an earlier post, I suggest maybe you’re not getting enough price objections. (Seriously, they are important.) Now let’s discuss how to handle them. When someone says they want to buy, but they don’t like the price, you need to … Read More

Pricing: Why You’re Doing It Wrong

I don’t know you. How can I know you’re pricing all wrong? Obviously, I don’t, and there’s a chance you’re actually doing it right, but experience with hundreds of business owners lets me play the odds. So in this post, … Read More

Sell More by Selling Less

You walk into the doctor’s office with a cut on your hand. You think you need some stitches and perhaps some antibiotics, but you’re not sure. The doctor says, “great to see you. Looks like you could use a heart … Read More