What’s Better: A Ferrari or a Honda Odyssey?

Everyone “knows” the Ferrari is better, right?

What if you need to transport more than 2 people?

What if you have kids?

What if your neighborhood has enormous potholes?

What if your knees aren’t good enough to get in and out of the Ferrari?

What if your driveway is really steep?

What if you need to go grocery shopping?

Many small business owners think that they have something “less” than the big companies they may run into in the market. They think the big company is the Ferrari. It’s different, it may be more expensive, and it will certainly be better for some people. There are lots of reasons, even beyond price, to prefer the Odyssey. Don’t try to sell the Ferrari people an Odyssey. Find Odyssey people. The fact that you have an anti-Ferrari may actually be helpful. (If you do have a Ferrari, don’t try to sell it to Odyssey people at Odyssey prices. Find Ferrari people.)

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