Monthly Archives: May 2014

Options for Displaying Pricing Information in Mimiran Online Proposals

Configuring the Quote The way you construct and price a quote may not be the way you want to present the pricing to your prospects. Mimiran separates the creation of the quote and the presentation, so you can create the … Read More

Better Proposal Previews

Preview mode is supposed to show you exactly how something will look, whether it’s the old “Print Preview” or an online proposal. Until this week, Mimiran’s preview mode showed a somewhat confusing combination of what the prospect would see and … Read More

The First Rule of Sales Proposal Pricing

I’m not going to talk about the strategy and tactics of your pricing—that’s a whole separate issue (you can read The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing, if you’d like an in-depth look). This is about presenting that pricing in your … Read More