Monthly Archives: November 2006

Drug Pricing Changes Possible

It’s been a tough stretch for Big Pharma, which is getting a pricing beating from cheaper generic alternatives. Merck is offering big discounts on AIDS drug Efavirenz in Thailand, as Thailand considers producing generic versions of the patented medicine via … Read More


While you’re recovering from 4 days of eating turkey, here are some pricing leftovers: Airline PricingSlate answers the question “How do airlines set their ticket prices?” by quoting Dave Barry: “Rudy the Fare Chicken pecks at a keyboard sprinkled with … Read More

Why Be Simple when You Can Be Microsoft?

Last week, Microsoft launched its much hyped iPod competitor, dubbed Zune. The Zune is another mp3 player, with the ability to share songs with other nearby Zunes. Pricing for the Zune itself is straightforward, and basically at parity to the … Read More

Farecast to Offer Pricing Guarantees on Airfares

Back in August, we noted an interesting website called Farecast, which makes predictions about whether airfares will move up, down, or stay the same. This could let buyers lock in low rates if fares are about to increase, or wait … Read More

Do Rational People Buy Overpriced Things?

Jeff Heuer has a great blog called Micromotives– The Science & Art of Decision Making. A recent post ponders “Would it ever be rational to buy something you know to be overpriced?” Jeff writes that “Research on hedge fund trading … Read More

Dangerous Pricing Advice

Forbes magazine has some suggestions to help entrepreneurs and small businesses avoid Three Mistakes When Pricing Your Products. The article notes correctly that “Most small companies get pricing wrong.” The three mistakes to avoid: Pricing for the Short-Term Ignoring the … Read More

Airlines Try Again for Price Increase

With passenger loads up, major US airlines are again trying to push through a small fare increase. We noted a failed attempt at a price increase back in August, when oil prices were higher, but important business traffic was probably … Read More