Monthly Archives: April 2015

Beyond the Number: Sales, Positioning, Pricing (Workshop)

When we think about price, we often get wrapped up in the number, in the math. But the same number in different contexts, presented different ways, can mean different things, and lead to very different sales outcomes. Next week in … Read More

Why People Misunderstand Each Other (and what it means for sales)

One of the biggest issues in sales and the delivery of the subsequent project, is keeping everyone on the same page. The buyer thinks they have specified very clearly what they want. The seller thinks they understand the requirements. The … Read More

Amazon is an internet company, after all

Amazon finally broke out numbers for its cloud services offerings, and they’re huge. As The New York Times reports: Amazon said in its first-quarter earnings report that its cloud division, Amazon Web Services, had revenue of $1.57 billion during the … Read More

The 2 Biggest Mistakes of Proposal Writing

I’ve got an article up at SmallToday, a community of about 75,000 small business owners. If you’re making these fundamental mistakes, you’re holding back your sales.  

Mimiran Announces New Module to Streamline Marriage Proposals

Austin, TX. Mimiran, a leading provider of online proposal software, announced the addition of a new module designed to streamline marriage proposals. Aimed at young, tech-savvy couples who don’t have time for traditional proposals, Mimiran makes it easier to get … Read More