Mimiran Announces New Module to Streamline Marriage Proposals

Austin, TX. Mimiran, a leading provider of online proposal software, announced the addition of a new module designed to streamline marriage proposals. Aimed at young, tech-savvy couples who don’t have time for traditional proposals, Mimiran makes it easier to get hitched for anyone not living in Las Vegas. The proposing party can choose from a variety of templates, highlighting their undying love, their journey together, challenges they have overcome, and their shared future, and any terms and conditions they want to include. Couples enjoy the romantic satisfaction of not only proposing online, but getting notified when their love has read their proposal and when it’s accepted. Couples can even designate a web page to go to after acceptance, so they can immediately start setting up their registry.

“I could tell Jane was concerned about children because I could see she spent 15 minutes on that section, and only 2 minutes on the section about all our trips together,” says a happily engaged man. “So I went back and added a childless option to the proposal. And one for 4 kids, which is what I really want, but I thought maybe she’d settle at 2. She took the childless option, but at least she said ‘yes’.”

Some analysts think the market is limited because marriage is a one-time event, but Mimiran sees huge numbers of young people coming online internationally. An anonymous spokesperson added, “besides, if you get married like this, you’ll probably need to propose again soon.”

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