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Are Your Proposals Like the Baseball Rulebook (or the Tax Code)?

In addition to being very long, the rules of baseball cover scenarios that aren’t all that likely to happen. (This piece in the WSJ cover the 5 strangest rules in baseball.) Why do you need 240 pages of rules for … Read More

5 Sales-Killing Mistakes from Our Attempt to Buy a Car

My wife’s car has been struggling along lately, and it’s finally reached the stage of life support that replacing it is no longer optional. So lastweekend, we went car shopping. We were trying to buy a car. You know who … Read More

Tips for Importing Existing Proposal Content into Mimiran

There are several ways to bring in content from existing proposals and other documents into Mimiran. Copy & Paste You can start by doing a direct copy and paste. This has the advantage of being very easy, but there are … Read More

Shooting Great Photos

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Write Like a Spy?

As you may know if you visit this blog often, I hate bad, boring, corporate-bland writing. It kills not only proposals and deals, but also brain cells. See various diatribes here (Microsoft), here (worst movie ever), and here (it’s your English teacher’s … Read More

Photography For Your Business

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How About Another Standard Post

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Sell More by Being Less of a Salesman and More of a Doctor

The sales profession has a problem. Most people don’t like and don’t trust sales people. In Gallup polling of how the public sees people in different professions, salespeople rank with members of Congress and advertisers, below lawyers. While the slimy, … Read More

The Importance of Writing Well (Microsoft CEO Edition)

Persuading people effectively requires good communication. In many cases– email, reports, sales proposals, that means writing well. Writing well isn’t just about sounding good, it’s about the writer forcing herself to think clearly, to package those thoughts in a digestible … Read More

The Secret Trick for Reviewing Your Proposal before You Send It

Reviewing a proposal is a critical step in creating a winning proposal, but one we don’t often talk about. Fred Wilson has a great post about Checking Your Work. He’s talking about blog posts, but the lessons apply to any … Read More