Monthly Archives: August 2008

What other fees can airlines charge?

Bitten by rising fuel costs and a weak economy, airlines are struggling. Naturally, they have turned to their creative pricing departments to design new fees. These fees include checking bags, water, and the extra leg room in exit row seats. … Read More

Wholesale Prices Make Biggest Jump in 27 Years

The US Producer Price Index rose 9.8% for finished goods for the 12 month period ending in July, the largest jump in 27 years. Businesses are stuck between the rock of rising costs and the hard place of weakening spending. … Read More

How do you know your contract terms are unreasonable?

Tim Cummins, president of International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, recently wrote a post on his Commitment Matters blog about how courts had thrown out contracts related to software and cell phone contracts. While the court rulings, should they … Read More

I Am Rich– No More

We’ve had other discussions about how for some luxury goods, the exorbitant price is part of the value (see $300,000 watches that only tell you whether it’s day or night). Meanwhile, as some of you may have heard, Apple launched … Read More