Monthly Archives: February 2006

Upcoming Webinar “Knowing is Half the Battle: The Importance of Effective Pricing Benchmarks”

For members of the Professional Pricing Society, we have an upcoming webinar on the importance of effective pricing benchmarks (members click here to register). March 15, 2006, 12 Noon EST Companies recognize that there is tremendous opportunity in improved pricing … Read More

Senator Aims to End Fractional Gas Pricing

Minnesota state Senator Dick Day has had it with gas stations charging fractions of a penny for gas. If he gets his way and abolishes fractional pricing, stations will round up to the nearest penny, perhaps costing drivers an extra … Read More

Upcoming Talks: Pricing with Imperfect Information

I had a post back in December about pricing with imperfect information. This will also be the subject of two upcoming talks, one at the PROS Pricing Conference in March, and one at the Professional Pricing Society Conference in May. … Read More

Evils of Codesharing– Why Insist that Your Product Is a Commodity?

Many (most?) blogs are more a collection of rants than useful information. I have tried hard to avoid that. However, a recent experience requires a rant, and may provide useful information as well. Back in December, I got bumped from … Read More

Metreo Acquired by Holding Group

Symphony Technology Group, a holding company in Palo Alto, California, acquired neighbor Metreo, after Metreo put its assets up for sale following a default on a loan. Symphony replaced Metreo CEO Daphne Carmelli, who will remain as a consultant to … Read More