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The biggest lie on most indie consulting websites

Naturally, Jonathan Stark has summed it up better than I ever could. Check out more consulting comics (and lots of other consulting wisdom) on Jonathan’s site. Also make sure you listen to his interview on Sales for Nerds about ditching … Read More

Are we having fun yet?

As consultants, project work is usually fun (at least if you have the right clients), but business development can seem like a slog, or even, as I thought of it, a “necessary evil”. But if you’re not having fun with … Read More

Star Wars Death Star Proposal

The Force Awakens- the Real business Lesson of Star Wars

You may have heard a new Star Wars movie is coming out. I think it’s some kind of indy documentary about the Reagan-era missile defense system. Who are we kidding? It’s Star Wars. With JJ Abrams, so we hope it … Read More

Mimiran Announces New Module to Streamline Marriage Proposals

Austin, TX. Mimiran, a leading provider of online proposal software, announced the addition of a new module designed to streamline marriage proposals. Aimed at young, tech-savvy couples who don’t have time for traditional proposals, Mimiran makes it easier to get … Read More

Apple Promises To Fix Glitches In Map Software By Rearranging Earth’s Geography

Apple Promises To Fix Glitches In Map Software By Rearranging Earth’s Geography Pretty funny. I use Google Maps by default, and even have Fantastical set to open location in Google Maps. However, yesterday Google sent me to the wrong location … Read More

These guys know who to charge extra

I guess they expect their target market to have poor math skills (perhaps aided and abetted by consumption of the product).

3 Ways to Boost Profits in 2012

Cut costs without hurting sales. Raise prices (nominally, by raising list prices, or effectively, by reducing discounts) without hurting sales. Ummm, ummm.  What’s the 3rd one?  Costs… prices… and the 3rd one, let’s see… No sir, no sir.  And the … Read More

Price Optimization 101

I get a lot of questions about price optimization, so I just wanted to make it really simple. Write down your costs.  Of course, you won’t know your real costs, so just use estimates, preferably from 2-5 years ago.  These … Read More

Does this sound like your price negotiations?

Sadly, this will seem awfully familiar to some businesses we’ve seen.

The Night before Christmas (Sales Compass Edition)

Twas the night before Christmas, when all the through the houseNot a hard drive was stirring, not even a mouse. The pipeline reports were tallied with careIn hopes that the revenue soon would be there. The sales teams were in … Read More