One area of pricing strength

While the economy as a whole risks deflation, there was one area with strong pricing power. According to PNC’s annual survey the cost of hiring lords a’leaping, buying partridges, pear trees, and other accoutrements of the 12 Days of Christmas … Read More

The reverse volume discount

Generally, per-unit prices go down as volumes go up. This is not always the case, however. Occasionally, whether by accident or as a tax on the mathematically disinclined, you’ll see something like this:(From The Consumerist, which includes another, even more … Read More

I Am Rich– No More

We’ve had other discussions about how for some luxury goods, the exorbitant price is part of the value (see $300,000 watches that only tell you whether it’s day or night). Meanwhile, as some of you may have heard, Apple launched … Read More

Choosing the right pricing metric

So much of pricing is about choosing the right metric. In other words, the dollars per what? Gasoline is priced in dollars per gallon (or per half gallon in some cases where the pumps can’t display prices above $3.999– how … Read More

Why Pricing is Harder than Quantum Mechanics

I’m heading to San Diego today to do a workshop on Measuring the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Pricing. Believe it or not, this will be a fun 2 days for me and the other participants. One of things that is … Read More

Back from the Writers’ Strike– A Daily Show and This Blog

As you may have noticed, the quantity and quality of posts has suffered since my writers have gone on strike. But like The A Daily Show, we’re back. Fittingly, when Jon Stewart returned to the studio last week, he had … Read More

Price of 12 Days of Christmas hits all-time high

According to PNC, the price of the “12 Days of Christmas” (Christmas Price Index, or CPI) rose 3.1%, driven by the rising price of gold and the minimum wage hike, which increased the cost of maids-a-milking. The total cost of … Read More

Give Their Pricing Team a Bonus

Scotland recently paid £125,000 (over $250,000) to advertising firm The Leith Agency to come up with a new slogan to welcome visitors to Scotland. The old phrase “Scotland, the Best Small Country in the World” typified the “Scottish cringe” according … Read More

A Great Dilbert Comic

Today’s comic is great; it makes fun of pricing and consulting in the same strip.

Pricing to minimize support costs

As a business traveler, I am aware of the $9.95 for 24 hours of internet access that many hotels levy (although I try to stay in hotels with bundled access). Also, I know London is expensive. But that still didn’t … Read More