Monthly Archives: June 2012

Can You “Have it All”? Of course not.

A recent cover story in The Atlantic called “Why Women Can’t Have It All” has generated a huge amount of buzz (see the debate at The Atlantic, on Slate, and on any Facebook wall with young, ambitious people who have … Read More

Easy up-selling and solution selling for small business sales

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. (In previous posts, I’ve discussed how we often start discounting before we even know if the buyer thinks we are too expensive.) Today, I want to talk about making sure your buyers know … Read More

Restaurant Pricing– Food for Thought

(Guest post by Peter Maniscalo.) My wife and I recently visited one of our favorite local restaurants (a “Bar & Grill” as it’s called).  We’ve been loyal customers for several years.  It’s a nice place, always busy with good food, service, atmosphere … Read More

2 Sentence Pricing Advice for Small Business Owners

1. Be better, not cheaper. If someone in your market doesn’t think you’re better, you’re a commodity and have no pricing power. If you’re small, you probably have less costing power than the your larger competitors. Commodity pricing + uncompetitive … Read More