Monthly Archives: February 2008

More Customer Segmentation

Following up on an earlier post, here’s another method of helping customers segment themselves. (Thanks to TripTouch.) Gives new meaning to “capitalism.” While we don’t recommend this kind of segmentation, we do like the notion of letting customers self-select into … Read More

Why Pricing is Harder than Quantum Mechanics

I’m heading to San Diego today to do a workshop on Measuring the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Pricing. Believe it or not, this will be a fun 2 days for me and the other participants. One of things that is … Read More

In Luxury Goods, Price is Part of the Value

Luxury vendors have long known that high price is part of their appeal. Not the price per se, but the exclusivity that comes with it. Like a peacock’s tail, the conspicuous consumption of goods that lack any practical purpose is … Read More


Have you been part of a discussion where everyone at your company believed that their offering provided more value than a competitor’s, but the customers just don’t see it? The marketing team often thinks sales doesn’t know how to sell … Read More