Monthly Archives: June 2014 CRM integration with Mimiran Online Proposals is a nifty SaaS CRM app focused on improving the productivity of each individual sales rep. Sounds like a nice philosophical fit, right? A joint customer thought so, too, and asked if the two systems could talk to each … Read More

Easy Table Column Resizing

An oft-requested feature now available: you can resize table columns just by hovering over the border and dragging.

Are Your Sales Proposals Like the Worst Movie Ever?

That new movie you really want to see opens tonight and you’ve got tickets. The preview looked amazing and the reviews are positive. As the lights go down in the theater, you get a tingle of excitement. Before the real … Read More

Just a Plain Ol’ Text Post

Proin id fringilla sem, vitae aliquam felis. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Nam nec nunc mollis, venenatis nulla eget, suscipit elit. Quisque viverra neque quam, id feugiat risus dignissim sed. Sed mollis … Read More

Wizards, Templates, Dashboards, and More

Mimiran Upgrades: Wizards, Templates, Dashboards, and More Mimiran always provided a lot of features and power, but the way users accessed them, from a single screen, was intimidating, especially for new users. A new wizard not only steps you through … Read More

It’s Hard to Sell If You Refuse to Listen

This note from Adam Boyd struck a chord with me, because I’ve seen similar situations time and again. Sales people and business owners, the folks you would think would always be hugely overconfident in their offerings, sometimes are their own … Read More