Monthly Archives: February 2010

Webinar: grow sales *and* profit

Join us for a webinar on B2B sales optimization. We’ll look at how manual negotiation processes cost time, sales, stress, and 10% or more of profit. Why does this happen? What have companies tried to do about it? And what … Read More

Subscriptions are in, free is out

Chris Anderson of Wired said that Free is the price of the future. Some of us beg to differ. Among those with other opinions are Lincoln Murphy of 16 Ventures who published a paper called The Reality of Freemium in … Read More

Sell Faster

Sales teams can spend up to 40% of their time on administrative tasks like tracking down pricing and getting approvals for discounts. Give your team more time to sell by taking the guesswork out of pricing. Sales Compass provides optimized … Read More

Raise Profit through Price Optimization

For every 1% of discounting you’re leaving on the table, you’re reducing your profit about 10%. Put that money back in your pocket. Sales Compass shows you where you’re giving customers too good a deal, and where your markets are … Read More

Arm Your Sales Team

Buyers and purchasing agents are used to having all the information and all the power. Put your sales team back on a level playing field by giving them information about what’s really going on in the market, available with a … Read More

No More Excel Hell

Excel is great for crunching numbers. But not so great as an enterprise collaboration tool for quickly and profitably handling sales discount decisions that can make or break your quarter. Harness the power of the Cloud so you can spend … Read More