Monthly Archives: August 2007

Who can sell $300 socks?

There’s an interesting article over at Fast Company on The Inevitability of $300 Socks, which talks about the formerly incredible notion of paying $300 for jeans. Remember when $50 jeans were “designer”? The authors, Dan and Chip Heath, argue that … Read More

Reference prices

An alert reader sent in an article from the Wall Street Journal (free for one week) called The Psychology of the $14,000 Handbag, which delves into why stores offer, well, $14,000 handbags, and what this means for the rest of … Read More

Prices for Sale!

Some pricing humor to start your week. (Thanks to Sam Shapiro at Channel Pricing Associates.)

Customer Self-Segmentation

One the best ways to segment prices is by allowing customers to sort themselves. Here’s an interesting sign that does just that.