Monthly Archives: November 2014

Learning to Say No, So You Can Say Yes

Most people want to say “yes”, to be helpful, most of the time. In sales, there’s a lot of pressure to say “yes” to the prospect. However, sometimes saying “yes” not only kills the deal, it means you’ve actually said … Read More

Bad Corporate Writing, Again

John Gruber over at @daringfireball points out the absurdity of Twitter’s corporate strategy statement: Twitter’s New ‘Strategy Statement’ “Reach the largest daily audience in the world by connecting everyone to their world via our information sharing and distribution platform products and … Read More

Snippets Let You Save and Reuse Proposal Content

Sometimes you have some content that you want to reuse. It’s smaller than a whole template– maybe a section, or even a few bullet points, or a nicely formatted image with a customer quote. Now you can, with “snippets.” Here’s … Read More

Set Up a Mimiran Lead Capture/Proposal Autoresponder in an Hour

Here’s a guest post from a customer on setting up a web form and a proposal auto responder in Mimiran. This is a great way to collect and convert more leads. If you have a Contact Us page, consider adding … Read More