Monthly Archives: April 2012

I sell services. What the %$&! do I sell?

What do service businesses sell? If you looked at invoices from consultants, lawyers, gardeners, and others, you would assume these businesses sell hours. And maybe they do. But is that what customers buy? I get this question a lot, both … Read More

A Simple Pricing Calculator for Proposals

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the leverage that good pricing provides. (Or that bad pricing takes away.) I created this simple pricing calculator to show how small changes in price, volume, and costs, can have a huge impact on your … Read More

Public Proposal Templates Now Available

A lot of people have asked if there are public proposal templates to help them get started with Mimiran. Until now, the answer was unfortunately, “no.” Today, I’m happy to say the answer is “yes.” There’s currently exactly one template … Read More