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Will Amazon Offer Kindle for Free?

Farhad Manjoo had a provocative piece at Slate, predicting that Amazon will soon start giving away Kindle readers. Fellow pricing geek, Rags Srinivasan and I got into a Twitter discussion, with Rags claiming that Manjoo was way off base. Rags … Read More

Your Pricing is Hurting Your Proposal, but Not How You Think

You’re putting the finishing touches on your proposal. Everything looks good, but you have nagging doubts about your price. It seems so… expensive. Are lower-priced competitors going to snatch the business. You take 10% off the price, then send it … Read More

Currency Display

Currency Support for Quotes and Proposals Now Available

Thanks for your patience. Currency support is now available under Admin > Account > Edit Account Settings. We currently have dollars, pounds, euros, rupees, yen, and yuan. If we need to add more, just submit a request via in the in-app … Read More

What we do and what customers want

What you do versus what your customers want

Want to include in a post? Here’s the embed code: <br /> <img src=”” mce_src=”” width=”540″></p> <p>What you do versus what your customers want Venn diagram – An infographic by the team at <a href=”” mce_href=””>What you do versus what … Read More

Premium Pricing Gives You Much More Freedom

3 Reasons to Improve the Way You Price Your Services

A lot of consultants, designers and other service providers ask me about pricing. They usually start by saying that larger competitors are charging $X, say $200/hr, so they feel they should be cheaper, say $125/hr. “Is this right?”, they ask. … Read More

3 Secrets for How to Write Your First Sales Proposal

For many entrepreneur’s, writing a sales proposal is an excruciating activity, harder than building a product or delivering a custom solution. Yet it’s just as essential to the health of your business. Here are some tips that will take much … Read More

Mimiran Color Schemes

Make Your Online Proposals Reflect Your Brand

People have been asking for this for a while now, and I’m glad to say it’s finally here. You can adjust the way Mimiran proposals look, to make the app better reflect your brand. In addition to uploading your logo, … Read More