Is there a thrift store for content?

Seth Godin has another great post about the price of content (Compared to perfect: the price/value mismatch in content), in which he suggests that “there is no thrift store for content.” In other words, content gets compared to perfect, not … Read More

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AT&T Pricing Plans: It’s About Time

As a heavy iPhone user, I was less than thrilled about AT&T’s plan to end “unlimited” data plans. Apparently, I consume over 3GB/month, despite doing most of my heavy lifting through WiFi. This means I will either need to reduce … Read More

A Conversation with Gerhard Gschwandtner of SellingPower

Here’s a discussion with Gerhard Schwandtner, founder of SellingPower and host of the Sales 2.0 Conference. After decades in sales, Gerhard sees how the artificial divisions between sales and pricing functions lead to suboptimal results, and he offers some advice … Read More

How to get customers to understand value

We get a lot of queries from companies who say “our product/service/gizmo is so much better than the competition’s, but our customers don’t perceive it. How do we get them to see the value?” It’s a great question. The “envelope” … Read More

Webinar: 4 Ways to Accelerate SaaS Revenue

Next week I’ll be the guest speaker as part of an interesting webinar on accelerating SaaS (Software as a Service) revenue. Customer segmentation and pricing are critical components to doing this successfully. Register, or read on for more information. 4 … Read More

More Customer Segmentation

Following up on an earlier post, here’s another method of helping customers segment themselves. (Thanks to TripTouch.) Gives new meaning to “capitalism.” While we don’t recommend this kind of segmentation, we do like the notion of letting customers self-select into … Read More

Cheese Alert: 7 Tips for Raising Prices

It’s almost the end of the year, which means many companies are putting the final touches on their 2008 price lists, and a lot of people are getting ready to have uncomfortable conversations with customers about why their prices are … Read More

Price Segmentation in the Literary Fiction Market

We don’t usually (OK, ever) link to LitKicks, a site that discusses literature, but they have a recent post on the pricing strategy for literary fiction which is quite interesting. The rise of mass-market retailers has created pressure to issue … Read More

Adding Time to Activity-Based Costing

Here’s an interesting article from the Harvard Business School newsletter on some relatively simple ways to incorporate time into Activity-Based Consting (ABC) estimates. ABC is great in theory, but getting reasonably accurate data and then keeping them up to date … Read More