Monthly Archives: July 2011

Price Increase through Reverse Volume Discount

It’s no secret that companies often change package sizes to mask or soften price increases.  Coca Cola is going one step further, touting it’s 16oz bottles as “more for your buck” at $0.99.  Want more soda?  You can pony up … Read More

How did Netflix raise their prices 60%

Twitter is abuzz with the anguished cries of Netflix customers, many of whom will soon be paying $16 per month instead of $10 per month for movie rentals. Many others have angrily threatened to cancel their subscriptions. Instead of focusing … Read More

Real vs Perceived Value (Seafood Edition)

(Image source: Wikipedia) This is the unattractive and unattractively named Patagonian Toothfish.  You probably haven’t seen it listed on too many menus.  However, some chefs noticed that it cooks really nicely and tastes delicious. But how to get people to … Read More