Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Secret to Wrapping up a Project Successfully

Delivering consulting (or other services) projects takes a lot of work, and you always want your client to be happy at the end. However, many firms neglect a critical, implicit part of the project: keeping the client in the loop. Imagine … Read More

Expired Proposals

When a proposal expires, you may still want your prospect to be able to see it. Now Mimiran marks expired proposals clearly and automatically. (You can change the watermark, or remove it, if you prefer, in your account settings.)   … Read More

Editable Quantities for Quote Line Items

You may want to let prospects set the quantity on some of the line items you are proposing. For example, they may not know how many seats of software they want, or how many hours of consulting they need (or … Read More

You Don’t Have Enough (Customer) Focus

If you need heart surgery, do you go to a doctor, a surgeon, or heart surgeon? You probably go to the best heart surgeon you can find for your particular problem. Yet many service providers want to be the “doctor” … Read More