Monthly Archives: March 2014

When You Should Make Assumptions in Sales

We’ve all heard how when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. In sales, we’re taught to never assume anything, to always ask open-ended questions to understand the customer’s real issues. This advice is usually great, … Read More

If You’re Getting Pushback on Price, You’re Probably Not Proving Value

If your prospects push back on your price, you’re not giving them the right value. Let’s talk about what happens in the worst case, when sales reps just toss out some numbers without even really understanding the customer’s problem. Of … Read More

Your Proposal Isn’t a Brochure, It’s a Story

How many times have you seen a proposal that looks like a collection of the seller’s web pages? There’s some “About Us” boilerplate, some product information, and some customer logos. (Sadly, some of the proposals like this that I’ve seen … Read More

The Steve Jobs Secret to Sales

What do great sales reps know that the rest of your team doesn’t?  As this article on SellingBrew notes, great sales reps know when an opportunity isn’t a real opportunity. So they just say no to it and stop wasting … Read More