Monthly Archives: October 2008

Sometimes it’s about deciding who your customers aren’t

On a recent Apple earnings call, CEO Steve Jobs took a question from an analyst wondering why Apple did not introduce a lower priced laptop. Jobs’ response (thanks to CNet):What we want to do is deliver an increasing level of … Read More

3 Approaches to Pricing in the Downturn

The economy is in turmoil, credit markets are in terrible shape, inflation is high, and consumer confidence is low. If you just received billions of dollars in taxpayer money as a reward for your part in wrecking the world financial … Read More

What good is a price if you can’t invoice it?

About a decade ago, at the height of the dot-com boom, I was doing some work for a tech industry heavyweight that sold some of the most sophisticated technology on the planet. Unfortunately, despite their technological prowess, they had trouble … Read More