Monthly Archives: December 2006

Price Instability as a Marketing Tactic

Who wants to encourage people to shop around? Don’t we want buyers to come back to our store and only our store every time? The internet will bring new levels of transparency and power to the buyer, right? Not necessarily, … Read More

TV Price War Hurts Circuit City

A vicious price war for large, flat screen televisions has bit into Circuit City’s bottom line. The electronics retailer posted a loss for the past 3 months, sending shares skidding. As usual, the price war for fancy TV’s has removed … Read More

Good Review of Rounding

Why end prices with .99 instead of rounding them to the nearest whole number? And does this represent a 1 penny discount or a 99 cent price increase? Customers view certain ranges of prices as the same, often with arbitrary … Read More

Bringing Airline Pricing to Sports

That may not sound like progress to some people, but an alert reader sent in this article on a company called StratBridge, which helps professional sports teams optimize ticket prices. Unlike the massive yield management systems in place at the … Read More