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Pricing pressure? It could be your proposal

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about how their market is getting commoditized and how there’s no way to achieve good price points. What happens when we look at the proposals the sales teams are sending out? They’re terrible. … Read More

Bob's Discount Heart Surgery Price Competition

Price Competition How to Avoid It and How to Win It

Price competition can seem scary, but many of the wounds are self-inflicted. While that sounds discouraging, it’s actually good, because it means you can take control of them, avoid them, and win deals at better price points. Pricing is the … Read More

Beyond the Number: Sales, Positioning, Pricing (Workshop)

When we think about price, we often get wrapped up in the number, in the math. But the same number in different contexts, presented different ways, can mean different things, and lead to very different sales outcomes. Next week in … Read More

Workshop– Beyond the Number: Sales, Positioning, Pricing

I’ll be doing a one day workshop for the Professional Pricing Society at their Spring Conference in Dallas on May 6. This workshop is about how you can’t just focus on the number in your pricing sheet, proposal, or negotiation. … Read More

5 Ways to Sell More at Higher Prices

Marc Wayshak of Game Plan Selling fame posted some great tips on selling more, and at higher prices. Go check it out. I’ll add some bonus ideas: Give prospects more than one option. Sometimes, we don’t know exactly what we … Read More

If You’re Getting Pushback on Price, You’re Probably Not Proving Value

If your prospects push back on your price, you’re not giving them the right value. Let’s talk about what happens in the worst case, when sales reps just toss out some numbers without even really understanding the customer’s problem. Of … Read More

Economic Theory vs Human Nature III: 3 Sales Tips

In earlier posts in this series, we looked at why human nature causes you to underprice your proposals and favor sins of omission over sins of commission, even against our own economic interests. Now we’ll look at some strategies for … Read More

2 Sentence Pricing Advice for Small Business Owners

1. Be better, not cheaper. If someone in your market doesn’t think you’re better, you’re a commodity and have no pricing power. If you’re small, you probably have less costing power than the your larger competitors. Commodity pricing + uncompetitive … Read More

How to Handle Price Objections

In an earlier post, I suggest maybe you’re not getting enough price objections. (Seriously, they are important.) Now let’s discuss how to handle them. When someone says they want to buy, but they don’t like the price, you need to … Read More

Pricing: Why You’re Doing It Wrong

I don’t know you. How can I know you’re pricing all wrong? Obviously, I don’t, and there’s a chance you’re actually doing it right, but experience with hundreds of business owners lets me play the odds. So in this post, … Read More