pricing for sales

Sell More by Selling Less

You walk into the doctor’s office with a cut on your hand. You think you need some stitches and perhaps some antibiotics, but you’re not sure. The doctor says, “great to see you. Looks like you could use a heart … Read More

You’re Not Getting Enough Price Objections

Many business owners and sales reps hate price objections.  They view price objections as some kind of faux pas that they should have avoided, an awkward situation, best resolved quickly (and often with huge damage to profits).  Do you like … Read More

If you think you’re worth it, but can’t say it…

A lot of businesses think they have a great product or service.  Something above and beyond what the competition offers.  But when it comes time to put a price on all this awesomeness, they are still cheaper than the competition. … Read More

Value-based Pricing: When can I stop asking questions?

How do you know when to stop asking questions about value? Couldn’t this go forever, asking “Why? Why? Why?” until we end up in a philosophical discussion? You want to ask questions until you no longer get meaningfully different answers. … Read More

Does this sound like your price negotiations?

Sadly, this will seem awfully familiar to some businesses we’ve seen.

10 Maxims for Improving Profit through Better Pricing

Your price ceiling is limited by the Perceived Differential Value of your offering.  Customers determine this, but you can help them along the way. Your price floor is limited by your costs.  If your floor and ceiling are the same … Read More

The best 5 minutes of TV for sales

If you haven’t already, check out Gerhard Gschwandtner interviewing Ron Hubsher from the Sales Optimization Group on the sales negotiation process.  Ron looks at the sales process with the same philosophy I do– namely, selling value instead of price, and … Read More

The World Cup, Data Analysis, and Maximizing Profit

I’m a big fan of analytics.  And sports (although I no longer have time to keep up with them).  So I’ve always been puzzled that with so much money and pride on the line, teams have done so little analyze … Read More

Webinar: grow sales *and* profit

Join us for a webinar on B2B sales optimization. We’ll look at how manual negotiation processes cost time, sales, stress, and 10% or more of profit. Why does this happen? What have companies tried to do about it? And what … Read More

Pricing and the Placebo Effect

This summer, Steve Silberman over at Wired wrote a great article called “Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.” While the implications for pricing in the pharmaceutical industry are obvious, there are also important analogies to … Read More