Monthly Archives: February 2007

Value Trade Offs in the Mind of the Customer

The limiting factor on price is the differential value the customer perceives. By definition, that perception takes place in the customer’s head. Research by Marketing Professor Alexander Chernev of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and cited in Forbes suggests … Read More

Software to Help You Set Prices

A nice article on Inc’s Technology center website highlights pricing software needs for small and mid-sized businesses, with a nice mention of our software and services. Business goes wrong when the price isn’t right. Can your company afford the high-end … Read More

When the Price is the Value, Can You Price too High?

The value of many luxury items is that they have no intrinsic value, but their conspicuous consumption demonstrates the wealth and social standing of the buyer. You can therefore charge much higher prices, mainly just by charging higher prices. (You … Read More

Royal Carribean “Sinks” on Pricing Outlook

MarketWatch reported that the cruise giant lost 6% of its value Monday after investors learned of weak pricing ahead. Investors know what drives profits.

Webinar Recording Available

We mentioned earlier that we were about to do a webinar on Effective Pricing and Value Capture, as part of the FeaturePlan webinar series. The recorded versions (Flash and mp3) are now available online. Oh, and it’s also dugg on … Read More