Streamlined Copying of Quotes for Proposal Templates

Apr 16

Creating a proposal from a template copies any quotes from the template to the new proposal. This makes it really fast to have your proposal ready to go. Except for one thing. Mimiran would prepend “Copy of ” to the … Continue reading

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Saying Nothing, Beautifully

Apr 3

A great video made the rounds recently, depicting a “Generic Brand Video” ad. If you haven’t seen it yet, take the 3 minutes… … then think about how so many sales proposals are the written equivalent of this meaningless gloss. … Continue reading

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Top 3 Sales Proposal Myths, Busted

Apr 1

1. The Economic Buyer Is Very Busy You might think the executive who can approve your proposal is really busy, with barely enough time to read your proposal, let alone understand it, but nothing could be further from the truth. … Continue reading

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When You Should Make Assumptions in Sales

Mar 24

We’ve all heard how when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. In sales, we’re taught to never assume anything, to always ask open-ended questions to understand the customer’s real issues. This advice is usually great, … Continue reading

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If You’re Getting Pushback on Price, You’re Probably Not Proving Value

Mar 13

If your prospects push back on your price, you’re not giving them the right value. Let’s talk about what happens in the worst case, when sales reps just toss out some numbers without even really understanding the customer’s problem. Of … Continue reading

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Your Proposal Isn’t a Brochure, It’s a Story

Mar 12

How many times have you seen a proposal that looks like a collection of the seller’s web pages? There’s some “About Us” boilerplate, some product information, and some customer logos. (Sadly, some of the proposals like this that I’ve seen … Continue reading

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The Steve Jobs Secret to Sales

Mar 11

What do great sales reps know that the rest of your team doesn’t?  As this article on SellingBrew notes, great sales reps know when an opportunity isn’t a real opportunity. So they just say no to it and stop wasting … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp is Bigger than You Think

Feb 21

Facebook rocked Silicon Valley with its $19B of messaging app WhatsApp, with tech writers, leaders, and investors debating the massive purchase price. Wall Street seemed less than enthusiastic, dropping Facebook shares slightly after the announcement. The deal price is certainly … Continue reading

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What the Lego Movie Can Teach Us About Sales Proposals

Feb 14

We’ve had a strange winter in Austin. Three “snow days”, one of which involved a small dusting of snow. Last Friday, we had a “snow day” based on, well, chance of cold rain. There was no precipitation. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Why Your Sales Proposal Language Might be Giving You Away

Jan 28

For someone who spends so much time dealing with sales proposals, I really hate reading them. It’s not just that they are boring, it’s that they often lie, or obscure truth. In an effort to sound convincing, their authors subvert … Continue reading

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