Table Styling Fixed

Yes, this is embarrassing. For some time, it’s been really hard to style tables in Mimiran, due to conflicts with style sheets in the app. There’s no good reason for this, but once it was in place, changing it might … Read More

Workshop– Beyond the Number: Sales, Positioning, Pricing

I’ll be doing a one day workshop for the Professional Pricing Society at their Spring Conference in Dallas on May 6. This workshop is about how you can’t just focus on the number in your pricing sheet, proposal, or negotiation. … Read More

The Biggest Mistake Small Businesses Make Selling to Large Businesses

You’ve landed the big meeting with the huge prospect that can catapult your small business to the next level. Your presentation goes well and they ask for a proposal. Don’t make the common, painful, sometimes fatal mistake that many small … Read More

Dark Banner Snippet

New Snippets to Make Your Sales Proposals Pop

There’s nothing wrong with simple text in a proposal. But sometimes you want to make your proposal stand out a little more. Here are 2 new public snippets you can use set off your headers. Both include images, a dark … Read More

5 Ways to Sell More at Higher Prices

Marc Wayshak of Game Plan Selling fame posted some great tips on selling more, and at higher prices. Go check it out. I’ll add some bonus ideas: Give prospects more than one option. Sometimes, we don’t know exactly what we … Read More

Don’t Sell, Help

I always hated “sales”. The stereotypical sliminess. The used car salesman trying to push junk on someone at an information disadvantage. When I joined the software world, I found plenty of these people. But I also found that the most … Read More

Customizable Rich Descriptions for Products in Proposals

Sometimes you need to provide a customized rich description for a line item that’s different than the default description supplied by the product. Perhaps you want to remove language that won’t appeal to a particular prospect, add more details, display … Read More