What You’re Forgetting to Include in Your Sales Proposal

Aug 28

In our rush to define all the great things we’re going to do for our customer, we sometimes forget that we can’t do everything on the wish list. Even worse, the customer sometimes forgets this, as well. Even if the … Continue reading

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The Powerful Question Most Sales Reps Forget to Ask

Aug 19

Let’s imagine you run a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies in the widget industry improve sales productivity. Half your business comes from this industry, but you also have clients in other industries, and some of your projects extend … Continue reading

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Why Apple University Has a Course on Communicating Clearly

Aug 13

Before he died, Steve Jobs launched an “Apple University” program to keep the culture of the company strong. Employees can sign up for various courses, most of which are completely shrouded in secrecy. Recently, the New York Times got 3 … Continue reading

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Sales Proposal Buzzword Highlighter Now Live

Aug 2

If you’ve read this blog before, you know how much I hate terrible writing. If not, check out: The Importance of Writing Well, Microsoft CEO Edition How Your High School English Class Is Ruining Your Proposals Don’t Use Jargon, Unless … Continue reading

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Are Your Proposals Like the Baseball Rulebook (or the Tax Code)?

Jul 31

In addition to being very long, the rules of baseball cover scenarios that aren’t all that likely to happen. (This piece in the WSJ cover the 5 strangest rules in baseball.) Why do you need 240 pages of rules for … Continue reading

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5 Sales-Killing Mistakes from Our Attempt to Buy a Car

Jul 29

My wife’s car has been struggling along lately, and it’s finally reached the stage of life support that replacing it is no longer optional. So lastweekend, we went car shopping. We were trying to buy a car. You know who … Continue reading

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Tips for Importing Existing Proposal Content into Mimiran

Jul 24

There are several ways to bring in content from existing proposals and other documents into Mimiran. Copy & Paste You can start by doing a direct copy and paste. This has the advantage of being very easy, but there are … Continue reading

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Write Like a Spy?

Jul 23

As you may know if you visit this blog often, I hate bad, boring, corporate-bland writing. It kills not only proposals and deals, but also brain cells. See various diatribes here (Microsoft), here (worst movie ever), and here (it’s your English teacher’s … Continue reading

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Sell More by Being Less of a Salesman and More of a Doctor

Jul 22

The sales profession has a problem. Most people don’t like and don’t trust sales people. In Gallup polling of how the public sees people in different professions, salespeople rank with members of Congress and advertisers, below lawyers. While the slimy, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Writing Well (Microsoft CEO Edition)

Jul 16

Persuading people effectively requires good communication. In many cases– email, reports, sales proposals, that means writing well. Writing well isn’t just about sounding good, it’s about the writer forcing herself to think clearly, to package those thoughts in a digestible … Continue reading

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