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Learning to Say No, So You Can Say Yes

Nov 20

Most people want to say “yes”, to be helpful, most of the time. In sales, there’s a lot of pressure to say “yes” to the prospect. However, sometimes saying “yes” not only kills the deal, it means you’ve actually said … Continue reading

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Bad Corporate Writing, Again

Nov 13

John Gruber over at @daringfireball points out the absurdity of Twitter’s corporate strategy statement: Twitter’s New ‘Strategy Statement’ “Reach the largest daily audience in the world by connecting everyone to their world via our information sharing and distribution platform products and … Continue reading

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Snippets Let You Save and Reuse Proposal Content

Nov 11

Sometimes you have some content that you want to reuse. It’s smaller than a whole template– maybe a section, or even a few bullet points, or a nicely formatted image with a customer quote. Now you can, with “snippets.” Here’s … Continue reading

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Set Up a Mimiran Lead Capture/Proposal Autoresponder in an Hour

Nov 4

Here’s a guest post from a customer on setting up a web form and a proposal auto responder in Mimiran. This is a great way to collect and convert more leads. If you have a Contact Us page, consider adding … Continue reading

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Sales for Nerds, Developers, and Other Engineers

Oct 28

As a software guy turned sales and support guy, I get a lot of questions from technical people about how to do sales. While I’d like to say “here are the 4 things you need to know” or whatever, it’s … Continue reading

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Do Your Proposals Put Your Prospects to Sleep?

Sep 30

I’ve seen many proposals that are The Worst Movie Ever. Don’t make your proposals like this…   Yes, you usually need some legal-type language, but you can still make a proposal interesting and compelling. If it’s important enough for the … Continue reading

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Austin Sales, Proposals and Pricing Meetup

Sep 23

Got questions (or answers) about sales, proposals, and/or pricing? Join the Austin Sales, Proposals, and Pricing Meetup Group. We’ll be discussing tips, tricks, pitfalls, etc, to help you sell more effectively and profitably, how to attract the right kind of … Continue reading

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Apple Watch, Value, Price, and Frame of Reference

Sep 17

John Gruber has an in-depth piece about Apple Watch over on DaringFireball. It’s well thought-out, but what’s particularly interesting is his guess at the prices of the three different tiers. Apple announced that the watch would start at $349, which … Continue reading

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Proposal Writing Style: Formality and Clarity

Sep 11

There are two ways to look at writing style: formality and clarity. The formality of the writing, formatting, and imagery will depend on your customers. A professional party planner may promise to “keep the drinks flowing, the music thumping, and … Continue reading

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Defining the Customer’s Commitments in a Proposal

Sep 3

In addition to clearly defining what we are not doing as part of a project (see What You’re Forgetting to Include in Your Proposal), we need to define what we need the customer to do to make the project successful. … Continue reading

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