Elon Musk-- master of business and business writing

The Tesla Master Plan and Business Writing

Business writing tends to be sloppy, crappy, and confusing. Have you noticed that some people don’t have time for that, because they are in a hurry to change the world’s transportation and energy infrastructure, while also going to Mars? Elon … Read More

Modern Services Website Makes it Hard to Buy

Does Your Website Keep Buyers Away?

Although we all want to sell more easily, sometimes our website keeps buyers away, acting more like a fortress than a marketplace. Are you making it hard for your customers to buy by keeping prospects away? No, you might insist, … Read More

Bob's Discount Heart Surgery Price Competition

Price Competition How to Avoid It and How to Win It

Price competition can seem scary, but many of the wounds are self-inflicted. While that sounds discouraging, it’s actually good, because it means you can take control of them, avoid them, and win deals at better price points. Pricing is the … Read More

Make Your Proposals Better in 5 Minutes

This blog has lots of advice on creating more compelling proposals and winning more business, but here’s a simple trick you can do in 5 minutes or less that will make your proposals better. Search for “ly”. (Mimiran, Word, and … Read More

Cobbler's Children's shoes: respond quickly on your web leads

Respond Quickly to Web Leads (or Lose Deals)

How critical it is to respond to web leads quickly? I may sound like a broken record, but research from and Harvard Business Review indicates that if you can respond within 1 hour, you get 60X more conversations than … Read More

Tips for Freelancers and Consultants (Free Webinar) I’d┬álike to share some strategies, tools, and tips that you can use to get more clients, get better clients, get paid more, and enjoy life more. The virtuous cycle: Things I learned going from $100 to $500+/hr Thursday, March … Read More

Get Leads from Your Consulting Website

A lot of consultants are experts in their fields, but their websites don’t resonate with visitors, depriving the consultants of leads, and the visitors of help. Sure, there may be a “call to action”, an unfriendly form, that looks something … Read More

Live Chat with Prospects in Mimiran Proposals, Lead Magnets

Live chat is a great feature for web pages and apps.┬áMimiran uses a handy live chat help widget (from Olark) to answer user questions. This is great if you have a question about Mimiran, but what if one of your … Read More

Landing Page Grader: Free Consulting Page Review

I’ve talked before about why most consulting websites are terrible. (Sad, true, and I’ve been guilty of it all– that’s how I know.) So I wanted to offer people a simple, easy, free landing page grader to help fix some … Read More

Should You Send a Sales Proposal?

Proposals are the step before the deal, right? More proposals means more business, right? When I started consulting, I never said no to a request for a proposal. To put it politely, this was stupid. There were 2 main problems: … Read More