Gift Wrapping

The Secret to Wrapping up a Project Successfully

Delivering consulting (or other services) projects takes a lot of work, and you always want your client to be happy at the end. However, many firms neglect a critical, implicit part of the project: keeping the client in the loop. Imagine … Read More


Expired Proposals

When a proposal expires, you may still want your prospect to be able to see it. Now Mimiran marks expired proposals clearly and automatically. (You can change the watermark, or remove it, if you prefer, in your account settings.)   … Read More

Editable Quantities for Quote Line Items

You may want to let prospects set the quantity on some of the line items you are proposing. For example, they may not know how many seats of software they want, or how many hours of consulting they need (or … Read More

You Don’t Have Enough (Customer) Focus

If you need heart surgery, do you go to a doctor, a surgeon, or heart surgeon? You probably go to the best heart surgeon you can find for your particular problem. Yet many service providers want to be the “doctor” … Read More

Language Matters, and You’re Not Fooling Anyone with Weasel Words in Your Proposal

Clear communication is essential to any group effort, especially when that efforts spans more than one company. Sales proposals are a prime example, but marketing materials and web copy also require a meeting of the minds. I should know. I’ve … Read More


Happy Back to the Future Day– Did your sales technology come from 1985

Happy Back to the Future Day. Or not. If your website converts leads like it’s from 1985, or you’re still using Word and Excel and email to create and close proposals, step out of your Delorean into 2015.

Vitamins versus painkillers versus heart surgery

In sales, people often talk about “vitamins versus painkillers.” People should take their vitamins, but they have a much stronger incentive to take their painkillers. If you get a lot of “that sounds great, but we’re just too busy right … Read More

Consultants Should Be More Like Doctors: Diagnose First, Then Prescribe

You’ve finally scored the big meeting with the dream prospect. They have expressed strong interest in your company and seem like a great fit for your services. As the Very Important Top Officer (wow, she’s actually in the meeting!) kicks … Read More

Get Lead and Proposal Notifications on Your iPhone

Getting an email when you have a new lead or when a prospect is reading your proposal is awesome. Game-changing, even, if you happen to be somewhere you can get your email easily. But when you’re in meetings, on the … Read More

Google’s New Logo

Most people seem to hate the new Google logo. John Gruber on his blog Daring Fireball went so far as to say: Their old logo was goofy. This new one is simply garbage. Just right for a company with no … Read More