Webinar on Effective Pricing and Value Capture

On Wednesday, January 24, I’ll be presenting a webinar on Effective Pricing and Value Capture at 12 noon EST. If you don’t make it live, we will make a recording available later (we’ll post a link here). Effective Pricing and … Read More

Just returned from PPS conference

The Professional Pricing Society Spring Conference in San Francisco was last week. About 450 pricing people were there. I’ve never been to a Star Trek convention, but I’d guess they’re similar in their aggregation of people who care passionately about … Read More

Upcoming Webinar “Knowing is Half the Battle: The Importance of Effective Pricing Benchmarks”

For members of the Professional Pricing Society, we have an upcoming webinar on the importance of effective pricing benchmarks (members click here to register). March 15, 2006, 12 Noon EST Companies recognize that there is tremendous opportunity in improved pricing … Read More

Upcoming Talks: Pricing with Imperfect Information

I had a post back in December about pricing with imperfect information. This will also be the subject of two upcoming talks, one at the PROS Pricing Conference in March, and one at the Professional Pricing Society Conference in May. … Read More

Pricing with Imperfect Information

Pricing theory is extremely compelling if we know what’s going on. The problem with applying the theory is that our information is so far from perfect, it may not even be relevant, accurate, timely, or available. Most often, we attempt … Read More

The Best Pricing Book I’ve Read in a Long Time

I’ve been meaning to write a post about Moneyball for some time now, but I can never find the time to give it the treatment it truly deserves. Finally, I decided that giving it the following treatment is better than … Read More