Templates and Content

How can I spell check my content as a type?

Your browser’s native spell check will work in the Mimiran editor, with 2 important caveats. Most browsers highlight spelling errors with a dotted red underline. If the background color of that section is close to red, it can be hard … Read More

What do the status codes mean?

Your content’s status field shows where it is in the sales process. Draft: The default state. This content cannot be viewed by prospects, even if they have a link. This lets you work on content before sharing, let’s your enforce … Read More

Can I have multiple quotes on one proposal?

You can add more than one quote to a proposal, and this is a great way to offer a cross-sell or up-sell, or a good/better/best set of options. When you have more than one quote on a proposal, the quotes … Read More

Default Email Template

To configure your default email template for your account, go to Account > Account Settings in the Admin section of the navbar. Then click on the Mail Template tab and enter your default content. You can use an email signature … Read More

How do I save content as a template? Or copy a template?

You can save an existing proposal or lead magnet as a template. This is helpful if you make substantial modifications to a template in a particular case, and then you think this would be useful as a template in it’s … Read More

How do I add an image to my content?

Adding an Image Images can add a lot to your content. Fortunately, inserting images is easy. Click the Image button. To upload a new image, go to the Upload tab, choose your image, and click the Upload to Server button. … Read More

Can I generate a PDF version of a proposal?

Yes. You can enable PDF generation for a template, and override this setting for each proposal. If your customers expect PDFs, it’s best to enable PDF generation. You’ll get a notification when your contact creates a PDF version of the proposal.

Can I edit templates myself?

Yes, it’s easy to edit template content. You can start with the sample template, the template(s) created during setup, save an existing proposal as a template, or just start from scratch.

How many templates can I have?

As many as you’d like.