Your content’s status field shows where it is in the sales process.

  • Draft: The default state. This content cannot be viewed by prospects, even if they have a link. This lets you work on content before sharing, let’s your enforce approval of content before your team can share it (if desired), and lets you “unshare” proposals, which moves them back to the Draft state, if you need to make major changes.
  • Awaiting Approval: If you have an approval process enabled (under Admin > Account > Account Settings > Approval), proposals must get the appropriate approval before your team can share them with prospects. When the user has finished editing the content, they can submit the proposal for approval. They proposal is locked until approved.¬†Note that this only applies if you’ve enabled the approval process.
  • Approved: If the approver(s) decide to approve the proposal, it goes into the “Approved” state, where the user can share it. If approval is denied, the proposal goes back to the “Draft” state. Note that this only applies if you’ve enabled the approval process.
  • Sent: Means you have shared the content with a prospect, but they have not viewed it yet. It’s a good idea to check your Sent Lead Magnets and Proposals to remind prospects to read the content.
  • Collaboration: The prospect has seen the content.
  • Accepted: The prospect has accepted the proposal or lead magnet. Note that depending on how you define the Accept Button Text and the Accept URL for the Lead Magnet, “accept” can have different meanings. For example, you could have the button say “Schedule Consultation”, and the accept URL be a page where¬†prospects can book a time in your calendar.
  • Rejected: You have marked the lead magnet or proposal as rejected. For a lead magnet, this just means that the prospects is not qualified. For a proposal, it means that the deal is lost.

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