Pitch Deck vs Proposal vs Contract: How many sales documents do you need?

When you get asked for a proposal, what do you actually create? What do you send to the customer? What do they need to sign? And how long will all of this take? I notice a lot of people create … Read More

What’s your proposal writing ritual?

Ray Allen is one of the great NBA shooters. He is one of the surest bets from the free throw line. Every time he shoots a free throw, he practices his stroke before he gets the ball. Then he spins … Read More

Rare moments in great business writing: “We Promise Not to Screw It Up”

When Yahoo! acquired Tumblr for $1.1B, everyone who used Tumblr was hoping that Yahoo! wouldn’t screw it up, as they have with some previous acquisitions. When Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer took to Tumblr to announce the deal, she addressed this … Read More

The Business Speak Blacklist

A great article from Bryan Garner over at Harvard Business Review on removing business jargon from your writing. As Bryan writes: It’s mission-critical to be plain-spoken, whether you’re trying to be best-of-breed at outside-the-box thinking or simply incentivizing colleagues to achieve … Read More