Elon Musk-- master of business and business writing

The Tesla Master Plan and Business Writing

Business writing tends to be sloppy, crappy, and confusing. Have you noticed that some people don’t have time for that, because they are in a hurry to change the world’s transportation and energy infrastructure, while also going to Mars? Elon … Read More

Make Your Proposals Better in 5 Minutes

This blog has lots of advice on creating more compelling proposals and winning more business, but here’s a simple trick you can do in 5 minutes or less that will make your proposals better. Search for “ly”. (Mimiran, Word, and … Read More

Star Wars Death Star Proposal

The Force Awakens- the Real business Lesson of Star Wars

You may have heard a new Star Wars movie is coming out. I think it’s some kind of indy documentary about the Reagan-era missile defense system. Who are we kidding? It’s Star Wars. With JJ Abrams, so we hope it … Read More

Bad Corporate Writing, Again

John Gruber over at @daringfireball points out the absurdity of Twitter’s corporate strategy statement: Twitter’s New ‘Strategy Statement’ “Reach the largest daily audience in the world by connecting everyone to their world via our information sharing and distribution platform products and … Read More

Proposal Writing Style: Formality and Clarity

There are two ways to look at writing style: formality and clarity. The formality of the writing, formatting, and imagery will depend on your customers. A professional party planner may promise to “keep the drinks flowing, the music thumping, and … Read More

Why Apple University Has a Course on Communicating Clearly

Before he died, Steve Jobs launched an “Apple University” program to keep the culture of the company strong. Employees can sign up for various courses, most of which are completely shrouded in secrecy. Recently, the New York Times got 3 … Read More

Why Your Sales Proposal Language Might be Giving You Away

For someone who spends so much time dealing with sales proposals, I really hate reading them. It’s not just that they are boring, it’s that they often lie, or obscure truth. In an effort to sound convincing, their authors subvert … Read More

Sales Proposal Writing Tips: Staring Down the Blank Screen

Did you ever have a great meeting with a prospect, when everything felt clear and straightforward, like the deal was in the bag, and then you got back to your office to start your proposal and you stared at that … Read More

Rules for Proposal Writing and Fiction Writing: Not What You Think

I’ve read plenty of proposals that sound like (bad) fiction. I’m not talking about the rules that says “don’t write fiction for your proposals.” That ought to go without saying. I’m talking about a great piece of writing advice from Chuck … Read More

One Easy Tip to Make Your Sales Proposals More Compelling

I’ve written before about why proposal writing tends to be terrible (see How Your High School English Class is Ruining Your Sales Proposals), which makes your customers less interesting in reading, understanding, and signing your proposals. Writing well is hard, but … Read More