Simple Video Call Tips

Now that we’re all stuck inside thanks to the coronavirus, video calls are the next best option, but most of us hate how we look on video (or so I’m told) and don’t know how to make the most of this medium– so here are some simple tips:

First, know that we are social creatures, even us introverts, and social media, email, texting, are poor replacements for actual conversations. Nothing truly replaces meeting other people in person, but video is way ahead of phone, because we can see each other (and documents and other stuff we might want to look at together), and phone is way ahead of text-based asynchronous media, not just because of the back and forth actual conversation, but because we can pick up so much from tone.

The video above shows you to set up for video success without investing a lot of time and money. Some key tips:

Take some time to connect. Don’t be scared of video!

(For more business survival tips in the age of coronavirus, check out this post.)

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