Pricing Humor– Rare but Good

For some reason, the pricing field doesn’t have a great reputation for humor. (See this earlier post for one example.) There’s nothing like humor for getting a point across, though. So check out this piece about a funny way to price things in a supermarket.

As a pricing person, I’m generally all for exploiting the angles. However, when the government grants a monopoly and then has a group of industry insiders effectively writing legislation, you have to wonder how much of the free market is left. Microsoft, which gets in the most (public) trouble surrounded monoploy-based bundling, at least built their market position in the market (through savvy bundling that greatly benefited the consumer).

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  1. Jon


    You’re just not looking hard enough for pricing humour. There’s heaps of it out there, a small portion of which can be found on my wesbite, and the rest is freely available in my pricing workshops.



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