Orbitz Pricing: Can Anyone Confirm or Deny?

An alert reader forwarded this post from the On Travel blog, about how online travel site Orbitz could be charging more to users who are logged in and therefore perhaps less price sensitive. An alternative explanation is that the lower fare somehow vanished during the user login process, but became available again when the traveler checked a different website. Anyone else seen this pricing behavior?

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m not surprised to hear complaints about Orbitz. Online travel agencies are having really bad reputation lately. Orbitz has a “dedicated website” : http://www.shameonorbitz.com

    EXPEDIA is even worse. EXPEDIA is listed in the top ripoff link at the bad business bureau ( http://www.ripoffreport.com ) and has two “dedicated” websites due to poor customer support and lies: http://www.victimsofexpedia.com and http://www.shameonexpedia.com

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