Mimiran: The CRM for people who hate selling

Finally, CRM for solo consultants who love serving clients but hate "selling".

CRM + Online Lead Generation + Proposal Automation,
all in one simple tool

If you’ve outgrown your sales spreadsheet, but hate struggling with tools meant for big sales teams, try the CRM for solo consultants to help you get more clients without being “salesy”.

It does more of what you need, and less of what you don’t.

Mimiran CRM tracks referrals and offers mobile solution

Business development feel like a slog? Try Sales and Marketing Bootcamp

Have fun doing sales without "selling" and getting more leads without "marketing".
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Make your website do its job

(Which is getting you leads.) While staying true to yourself, even with low traffic.

Have more sales conversations.

Without being “salesy”.


Win more clients

with templated proposals, e-signature, and more.

Keep all the balls in the air

Never miss a deal or a conversation. Stay connected to the people who matter.

Start getting more sales with less "selling"...
"Mimiran is the most effective CRM I’ve ever used! It’s amazingly powerful, but still simple."
"It is double the price of what I was paying for HubSpot [the $50 CRM edition, not the $800 edition], but it's well worth investment. It's just awesome."
"Mimiran revolutionized my world and has helped me DOUBLE my business with really professional-looking proposals. I love the speed, efficiency, and the way I look to my clients. My clients also appreciate the convenience of signing online and starting right away.”
"Mimiran puts everything in one place -- it lets me easily search my notes and tells me who to call next. This keeps me much more organized than the spreadsheets and paper notebooks and sticky notes I was using before."
"It used to take a week or two to get a representation agreement signed. This was frustrating to both sides, wasted time, and often lead to unnecessary delays. With Mimiran, it happens in minutes. I create the representation agreement and share it with them online, and they can read and e-sign it from any device. It's so easy and makes me look good. Plus, I get paid faster and can get to the actual client work instead of chasing down paperwork."
Mathew Jacob Attorney
Mathew Jacob
Attorney, The Jacob Law Firm
"I went to a lot of trouble to get into the top 3 Google results, but my webpage wasn't getting me leads. I signed up for Mimiran, and BOOM!, I've got a steady flow of high quality leads."

One Simple System Replaces a Collection of Tools

Designed by and for busy professional services people 

Take Control of Your Business

Get organized and take control of your destiny, without being a marketing guru or sales rockstar.

What if I'm not solo? Or a consultant?

Mimiran works great for small professional services firms (consultants, coaches, lawyers, etc), where you have to have conversations with prospects. It's not for ecommerce businesses, simple product business, or larger firms.

Start getting more sales with less "selling"...