Solo Consultant Sales and Marketing Bootcamp

Sales and Marketing should be fun, not “icky”.

Know you need to get a handle on your sales and marketing?

But not sure how to go about it?

If you love serving clients and have thrived through word-of-mouth and have always wanted to get a handle on your sales pipeline and now you need a way to do it remotely, this is for you.


The Solo Consultant’s Sales and Marketing Bootcamp

What if I’m not a consultant?

  • This will work for lawyers, accountants, architects, and other professionals who work in a consultative way with clients.

What if I’m not solo?

  • You’re still welcome to join the Bootcamp if you’re part of a small professional services firm.
If you run a sales team or you’re not in professional services, this is not for you.
"I recommend Mimiran and the Bootcamp program for solopreneurs. It's a terrific combination at a very reasonable price."
"Bootcamp provided a ton of value. I enjoyed the discussions and the positioning work, and having a system for calling people I know. Even though I couldn't make all the live sessions, the replays and the slides make it possible to catch up and do the work."
"Bootcamp helped me get specific on the marketing I already use-- how am I meeting the people i already know."
"I did this bootcamp and it was fun and valuable. I'm closing more business already because of it. "
"Bootcamp forced me to step out of my comfort zone-- and I didn't die! The experience helped me use my authentic self instead of fancy jargon and to connect (and reconnect) with people and at human level. Plus, the Mimiran CRM software is simple and makes keeping up with people a lot easier."
"Bootcamp helped me get more consistent with my message-- from calls to my website, to proposals. It also changed the way I connect with my network and my proposal methodology, and the CRM makes it easy to actually do."

What Bootcamp Does for Your Pipeline

What you get:

  • A new mindset that turns sales and marketing from a necessary evil to a natural way to express yourself and your mission. You might even find yourself having fun.
  • Get more referrals, while reducing your dependence on referrals by taking charge of your business development.
  • Nail your positioning to make sales and marketing easier and make your more referrable.
  • Turn your website into a conversion engine without sounding like a bunch of nonsensical marketing vomit. (After all, your website’s only job is to get you leads.)
  • Create a “real” bio for your site, your lead magnets, and your proposals.
  • Learn how to effective conversations that make it easy for people to buy without “selling”. (Even if you’re introverted, like me.)
  • Learn how to create compelling proposals without stress.
  • A great group of peers who will help you improve your business and give you a chance to 

How the 14 day program works:

  • You get self-paced video help and “homework”, plus 2 Zoom office hours per week to ask questions and discuss with other Bootcamp members. (Exact schedule to be determined based on attendees’ preferences. We will try to make it as easy as possible for everyone, but the office hours will be recorded and you can submit questions in advance.)
  • Make sure you can block out an additional 1-3 hours per week to do the “homework”. This can be time you’ve already devoted to business development tasks– the homework is stuff you should be doing anyway– but if you don’t have at least an additional hour per week, you won’t succeed in bootcamp.

  • You’ll also get the power of Mimiran CRM, the CRM built for people who love serving but hate “selling”, because we’ll need some of the automation capabilities. 

  • But it’s not just about tools. It’s also about strategy, process, accountability, and fun. (Are you allowed to have fun doing sales and marketing? After years of thinking that was an oxymoron, I think if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.)

  • You’ll also get access to the transformational online course on sales proposals ($497 by itself).

  • The price is $497, and includes 3 months of the Mimiran Pro plan that you’ll need to complete the homework. You can stop that subscription after the bootcamp, if you want, or just keep using it to automate your sales and marketing.
  • If you want to get started, click the Apply button above and fill out the brief questionnaire.
  • (If you’re already a paying Mimiran customer, just email support to join.) 

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

$497, with a Money Back Guarantee

If you do the work and don’t get the results you want (you get to define that before you join), I’ll give you your money back.