Hacker Quadruples Car Wash Price

With motives unknown, a hacker apparently managed to change the price of a car wash at a Salt Lake City gas station from $2 to $8. The owners are offerring to reimburse the dozen or so customers who paid the inflated price before someone noted that $8 was not the regular price.

I don’t know the real story– is this some kid just trying to prove he can do something? an error blamed on a hacker? If you had the power and will to change prices at other people’s stores, it seems like an odd place to start. What a great story for a Friday. Perhaps they could make a CSI episode out of it, when they uncover much more nefarious crimes connected to the original price change.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think the most interesting point in there is the elasticity experiment the hacker generated… Probably proving the gas station price is too low!

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