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Your Thoughts on the Tyranny of Averages

One of things that’s struck me lately is how much we rely on “averages”, and how misleading those averages can be. I’d love to get your comments on this (anonymous is fine). The power of averages is that they can … Read More

Yield Management at the Cinema Takes a Small Step Forward

Movie showings are a lot like airplane flights– revenue comes from putting people in seats, and if you don’t have someone in a seat for the movie, you’ve missed out on that revenue opportunity forever. In other words, it’s a … Read More

Ford Does Conjoint Analysis Online

After giving Ford a hard time in my previous post, I’m happy to report that they’ve also been doing some innovative pricing research. According to The Car Connection, the pre-launch site for the upcoming Fusion model included randomized base and … Read More

Big 3 Auto Makers Sell Price– Toyota Continues to Sell Cars

Ford and (Daimler)Chrysler matched GM’s “Employee Pricing For All” program with similar programs of their own. GM’s sales surged 41% in June, thanks to the new pricing program. I have two main thoughts about this. First, if you have to … Read More

Oracle Acquires Pricing Firm

Oracle announced that it will buy ProfitLogic, a retail price optimization software vendor for undisclosed terms. The addition of ProfitLogic will provide an interesting edge as no other large suite vendor offers price optimization capabilities. The buy comes on the … Read More