Are you maximizing word of mouth and referrals?

Word of Mouth Marketing Michael Katz Blue Penguin Development

Referral Word of Mouth Marketing Michael Katz Blue Penguin Development

Referrals are awesome, right? Just because I’m a big fan of “growing beyond word of mouth”, doesn’t mean I hate referrals. On the contrary, I love referral business. When I did consulting, all my business was word of mouth. (And I was really proud of it– which was just another way of saying I didn’t know how to market.)

The worst part was that I didn’t even know how to do word of mouth marketing properly. (Good thing we did a good job for our clients.) Like most people, I did a bad job of using word of mouth marketing to my advantage and maximizing referrals.

I recently interviewed Michael Katz on Sales for Nerds, as you hopefully heard, and even though I’d been reading Michael’s stuff for years, I learned a ton, which lead me to buy Michael’s course on Word of Mouth Marketing.

Like most people, when I started and people asked, “what do you do?”, I answered by talking about me and my skills. Zzzzzzz. Eventually, I realized that it would be much be better to describe how I could help other people. Better, but not very exciting.

What I realized from Michael’s course is that describing what you do isn’t about hooking the person you’re talking to as a client. It’s about all the people that person could refer you to. The math is pretty compelling.

Let’s say you know 500 people well enough to refer people.

Let’s say you’re a super connector and you know more people than others in your network. (Let’s say they only know 100 people each.) That would be 50,000 people, but of course there’s a lot of overlap. Let’s again be conservative and say it’s 90% overlap. Even in this conservative case, that’s 5,000 people, 10X more than your immediate network.

Let’s go one step further– how easy is it for people to refer you?

I did this all wrong, and I notice a lot of small business owners do, too.

This is why investing an hour with Michael will be so useful. He’s offering his class again on June 20 at 3EDT, Noon PDT.

You’ll learn–

  1. The mistake most people make that ruins memorability
  2. Why being remembered is not the same as being impressive
  3. Why other people want to spread the word about you – and how most of us (unknowingly) prevent this from happening

(You can read more about the 6 other points he’ll cover, here.)

This is an hour-long, interactive class.

I tried to get Michael to increase his prices (because that’s what I do, right?), but he refused. It’s a no brainer if you want to get more word of mouth referrals. Regular price is $125, but you can get early bird pricing of $99 until 6/15. (How many people do you know? How many people do they know? How much more business could you get if you could just get the message out through your network?)

Register here— attendance is capped at 25 people and it’s first come, first served.

Even if you can’t make the live session? Sign up anyway. All registered participants will receive a link to the video, an MP3 download, and a copy of the slides, within 24 hours after the live session is over.

P.S. I’ve never marketed a third party to you before. It feels a little weird, really, but, as I said, I’ve bought this course before and I told Michael he should raise the price, so I feel really good about what it can do for you.

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