When to Follow Up on a Sales Proposal: The Magic Time to Boost Close Rates

In an ideal world, you would send out a sales proposal, the prospect would accept it, and your company would start working on the project. In the real world, proposals usually require follow up. Prospects have questions, concerns, and bosses who need more information. So when is the right time to follow up?

First, set up a follow up appointment before you commit to sending the proposal. If the prospect isn’t willing to commit to this, why should you commit to writing the proposal? Committing to discussing your proposal is the least the prospect can do to show that they are serious about the project.

Next, call when the prospect has read through the whole proposal, even if it’s before your pre appointed time. You can say “I know we agreed to talk Friday morning, but I wanted to see if you had any questions that I could address before then.”

How do you know when your prospect has read your proposal? Use Mimiran. You’ll get a notification email when your prospect opens your proposal.

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