What I learned selling services

small business owner sellingLike a lot of people who accidentally became consultants, I got started because I was really good at helping companies solve certain kinds of problems that they had trouble solving themselves. Like a lot of people who start consulting companies, I didn’t put nearly as much thought into growing my own business as I did helping my customers grow theirs. So, I had to learn things the hard way, like:

• Thinking about technical problems, business problems, and growing a business

• Selling for engineers

• Why narrow and deep is better than broad and shallow

• How not to write proposals (and presentations)

• Automating the right things

• Getting beyond commoditization (and more than tripling my rates)

• Growing beyond feast-or-famine

If some of these things sound (perhaps painfully) familiar, come join us at a talk I’ll be giving at the ATX Biz Owners Meetup on July 27, 11:30AM at Cover3 on Andersen. This group is run by the awesome HR consultant (and Mimiran customer) Caroline Valentine of ValentineHR.


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