Use Pictures to Improve Your Proposals

whiteboard picture to improve proposal

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that can certainly be true when it comes to proposals.

Don’t add pictures for the sake of adding pictures, but if you can use illustrations to advance the story, that can be very helpful.

Perhaps the most powerful way to do this is to insert a picture of a drawing on a whiteboard, napkin, notebook, or whatever you and the prospect used to discuss and sketch out the solution. This way, you both have the same shared understanding of what’s happening.

Just use your phone and take a picture (you may want to clean it up a little bit, or even create a new, “clean” version if your picture has gotten too messy and complicated).

Then, put that picture in your proposal, along with the appropriate description. It’s often easier to understand this than have pages and pages of text that attempts to describe the picture, but actually just confuses the reader.

Note that if your picture contains sensitive information, be sure to ask permission to take it, and delete it from your phone after you put it in the proposal.

Now your picture may be worth more than words.

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