CRM Integration

Share Data Easily

Let your sales team go all the way from lead to closed deal by integrating Mimiran with your CRM system. Quickly create quotes and proposals from your contacts and opportunities. Mimiran shares proposal activity back to the opportunity or deal so your sales reps can call at the right time to discuss and close the deal.

You can even push closed proposals to your billing and provisioning systems.

Built in Integrations
(Mimiran even handles volume discounts so you don’t have to explode your product catalog.)

For details on setting up an integration with, view the Mimiran Salesforce AppExchange Setup Guide.


Sync your contacts from Highrise and send proposals back to Highrise as Deals. Track proposal activity as deal notes.

Sync your leads and contacts from and send proposals back to as Opportunities. Track proposal activity as activity notes.

Oracle Fusion

This video demonstrates Oracle Fusion integration. ( integration is similar. Highrise does not let you modify their user interface, so you start creating proposals in Mimiran with your Highrise contacts.)

Custom Integration

Need to integrate with another application, even a home grown system? Contact us. Mimiran’s integration architecture makes it easy.