Consistent Proposals

[saas-tour-description title=”Consistent Proposals Every Time”]Make sure your proposals always reflect your brand with your own templates, colors, and styles.[/saas-tour-description]


[saas-tour-feature icon=”/wp-content/themes/SaaS-II/images/i_star.png” title=”Your Brand”]Greet your prospects with your logo, colors, and styles.[/saas-tour-feature]

[saas-tour-feature icon=”/wp-content/themes/SaaS-II/images/i_star.png” title=”Optional Approval Process”]Want a whole new level of comfort? Turn on approvals to make sure proposals don’t go out until you OK them. (Want an additional level? Turn on an additional approval requirement.) [/saas-tour-feature]

[saas-tour-feature icon=”/wp-content/themes/SaaS-II/images/i_star.png” title=”Templates Make It Easy”]Sales reps can create a proposal in seconds that has all the right language, graphics, terms, and pricing.[/saas-tour-feature]