Capture More Leads

Don’t let your web traffic go to waste.

Capture more leads than traditional forms or “Contact Us” pages with a simple button you set up in Mimiran.

  • Control the style of the button and pop up.
  • Select which fields you require or request.
  • Know who has (and hasn’t) read your content.
Mobile-Friendly Lead Capture Buttons

Start Collecting Leads Today

Easy setup, including built-in templates, and you can track your conversion performance.

Respond Before the Competition

Manual follow up is too slow. Lead conversion is 50X more effective within 5 minutes vs 24 hours. And the first to respond is most likely to win.

Grow Your List

Mimiran makes it easy to follow up with hot leads, and if you need to nurture leads who aren’t ready yet, you can drop them into a MailChimp campaign.

Attract the Right Clients

Target your ideal clients with content that shows your expertise in solving their problem– checklists, ROI calculators, embedded video tutorials– whatever plays to your strengths.

Start Capturing More Leads Today
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Create Proposals Faster

Create professional proposals with a few clicks.

  • Use templates to make your proposals right every time. No more hunting around for the latest Word document.
  • Snippets let you re-use blocks of content.
  • Include images and even embed video.

Standardize Proposals with Templates

Create one or more great templates, then create a great proposal with a few clicks.

Re-use Content

Snippets let you re-use content like staff bios, service descriptions, and more.

Take the Guesswork out of Pricing

Accurate pricing, automatically. Every time.

Always Have the Right Customer Name

Mimiran automatically inserts the right customer name, pricing, and other information into your proposal, so you don’t have to worry about having the wrong names copied and pasted from a different proposal.

Track Results from Web to $

With Mimiran’s patent-pending technology, you can track all the way from Google Analytics or AdWords, not just to your traffic log, but to actual dollars won, so you can optimize your entire funnel.

Track Offline Referral Sources

Mimiran makes it easy to see who’s referring you business (and how much).

Close Deals Faster

Creating a proposal is only the first step. You need to actually close faster. Mimiran makes it easier than ever to get the deal signed, so you never have to leave another “just calling to see if you had any questions about the proposal” voicemail.

Plus, with e-signature, you can close the deal while you meet with the prospect.

Know When Prospects Read Your Proposals

No more wondering if someone has read your proposal. You’ll get an email notification when they do, and you can track which sections they’ve read, and when, so you can call at the right time, prepared for the right conversation.

Reduce Cycle Time for Iterations

You can sometimes make changes while you’re on the phone with a prospect.

Multiple Options for Buyers

You can include more than one option in a proposal, reducing your chances of getting priced out of the deal.

E-Signature Speeds Closing

Make it easy for prospects to start. You can let them sign online, and/or require traditional signatures.

Start Growing Your Business
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Grow Beyond Feast or Famine

Automate your sales funnel so you can get more clients while you serve your current clients.

You can focus on your customer’s success without ignoring sales.

  • Know the state of every deal.
  • Multiple options increase your win rate and average deal size.
  • Capture and convert leads that would have gotten away.
  • Make it easy for your team to sell good business.
  • With better visibility into when deals will close, you can assign your people to projects with less time on the bench.