The Value Manifesto

Business should not be a painful drudgery of hard work for little money and ever-increasing margin pressure.

If you can focus on being better, not cheaper, you can get paid what you’re worth, and work on what matters to your customers.

Pricing isn’t black magic, it’s about creating and capturing value. When you create value for customers, you will capture that value and invest those profits in your business and your life. By maximizing the value you create and capture, you not only maximize your financial profits, but also your well-being. You can earn the money you need to support yourself, your family, and your causes without letting your business gobble up all your time and energy. And you earn the satisfaction of working on what’s important to others.

You will not let your own doubts and fears set a limit on your prices.

You will work to be better and different, to provide more value to your customers, rather than simply cheaper.